Ms. Ndey Jobarteh, CEO of Jobs Consulting Group

Ndey Jobarteh is an enthusiastic professional with 20years of experience in business development, project development and organisational management. She has a passion for service- delivery, is result oriented and genuinely cares for the diverse people who benefit from her various endeavours. My proven leadership abilities have been recognised and rewarded. In 2011, She was one of the recipients of Norway’s Top10 Leaders Award, selected by the independent Leadership Foundation in Norway. In addition, her proven result-oriented skills have also been recognised and rewarded. In 2015 she was awarded the Worldwide Heroes Award by Euronet Worldwide, owner of RIA Financial Services. She is an author of the The Rabbit and the Bean Farm, The Girl who Married the Python, Kumba Leetee, Kaninen og Bønneåkeren: Et Gambisk folkeeventyr (Norwegian Edition) and The Inclusion of Women in Peace Building in West Africa: Critical Look at Women’s Contribution in Peacebuilding and Negotiations.

Ndey has an MBA in Organisation and Management, Msc in Development Studies and a Phd Module in Development Studies. She worked as an Account Manager for Ria Financial Services Norway. Founder and Executive Director, Jobs Consulting Skills Development and Entrepreneurship (JOKODE),Norway. Owner/CEO, Jobs Consulting Group, Norway. Worked as Business Development Manager, Genkey As, Norway. Worked as Project Developer, Meltwater As, Norway. Worked as Senior Grants Manager, The African Women’s Development Fund, Ghana. Worked as International Programme Officer, Akina Mama wa Afrika, UK. The Chair and Co. Founder of the Gambia House, Co. Founder and Co Founder and worked as Executive Director for The Africa Center for Information and Development (ACID),Norway.

Ms. Neneh Bojang, Managing Director of Jobs Consulting Group

Neneh Bojang is a focused and highly motivated management professional, with 15 years of extensive experience in Norwegian legislation on work, welfare and social security rights and entitlements. She has years of experience in social security benefits, government financial support to employers, education, training and employment opportunities. She is passionate in administration and management of social security benefits, retirement and pension schemes and entitlements. Utilizing her background in Norwegian legislation on work, welfare and social security, she organizes and leads information and awareness-raising meetings and sessions to develop comprehensive programs based on the employment needs and mission of the government. Her management skills was rewarded, in 1999 she was awarded the Manager of the Month by Fastlink(UK)

Her passion for social justice led her to leadership of the European Network to combat Female Genital Mutilation in Europe. As a strong communication and presentation skills as a Radio and TV presenter was reward, In 2015 she was awarded the TV Presenter of the Year Award by Interface Gambia(UK).

She has an MA in Political Science, BA in Political Science and a Diploma in Political Science. She works as a Consultant at the Norwegian Directorate for Work, Welfare and Social Security- Government of Norway. Founder and Executive Director of The Inter-African Committee in Norway (IAC Norway). President of The Euronet FGM Network, Europe. Co-founder and Vice Chairwoman of The Gambia House.